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Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2023


FanDuel Group is a world-class team of brands and products that deliver sports betting, gaming and entertainment to millions of US sports fans every day. That’s no easy task, and wouldn't be possible without a fantastic team who have helped us pioneer new products and innovative features that make us a leader in the industry. Whether you’re looking for better career progression, improved financial security or just a better sense of belonging, we believe we’ve created a culture in which everyone can succeed, no matter how you got here.

Sundays are big days for us. We have millions of our closest friends come over to watch the games and maybe we’ll enter a million Daily Fantasy line-ups or we’ll place around three million SportsBook wagers. Perhaps we’ll use our Casino products during the game intervals or maybe we’ll take a punt on the horses. Either way, our customers see odds, lines, spreads, line-ups, play-by-play live scoring updates, deposits, and withdrawals. We see resilient Cloud and on-premise infrastructure hosting a multitude of horizontally-scalable services that contend with data consistency challenges at scale. This is not a sports job - this is a DevOps job - infrastructure drives our organisation.

FanDuel is looking for DevOps aficionados like you in the UK to join our expanding Cloud Platforms team. The most important characteristic of this team is that we love helping our Engineering teams. FanDuel is a place for people to work better together and Cloud Platforms treats people the way we’d want someone to treat our friends.

We’re on a huge drive to fully containerise our architecture. Enter the Podium Platform set of patterns we vend to development teams that allow them to deploy containerized workloads to Kubernetes clusters with minimal effort. Migrating workloads at scale takes skill. An “Ops-mindset” and real-world Ops experience is vital. Listening to teams needs to define and adjust our patterns adds real org-wide value. Collaboration and team-work is essential.

Skills you have demonstrated in previous roles -

  • Set technical strategy based on short and long-term time horizons
  • Deliver large platform and product goals over longer time horizons that may involve multiple teams
  • Exhibit a very high standard of technical judgement to tackle open-ended problems where information is less and less complete in terms of what and how things should be done
  • Influenced the roadmaps of teams to help achieve larger business goals
  • Mentor engineers in your team, help resolve their technical issues

Tech skills you should have -

  • Real-world Ops experience of releasing, migrating and upgrading while keeping everything up
  • Knowledge of AWS - everything from IAM to EC2 to Lambda to RDS to SQS to OutpostsOrchestration. EKS, Docker and Kubernetes are really huge for us
  • Terraforming all the infrastructural things
  • Keeping things safe in Vault
  • Building pipelines using Buildkite, deploying with Helm and ArgoCD
  • Being comfortable taking DataDog for a walk
  • Writing a Bash script, Python or whatever when needed
  • Knowing git and GitHub (no-brainers really)
  • Having some experience with internet networking
  • Knowing how an app should be built for the cloud
  • Being cool with managing database schema deployments
  • Shaping Epics and Stories for Sprint planning
  • Being comfortable authoring some light documentation and sharing with your peers
  • Occasionally being on-call
  • Taking a day a fortnight to work on something you care about

For bonus points -

  • Perhaps you have a software engineering or an architectural background?
  • You understand the data consistency challenges inherent in distributed systems
  • You know that resilience, security, observability and performance are number one priorities before the first PR is created

As you grow at FanDuel, you will -

  • Advance your career within well-defined, skill-based tracks, either as an individual contributor or as a manager - both providing equal opportunities for compensation and advancement
  • Mentor more junior Engineers

Good compensation is just the beginning, you can also expect -

  • An exciting and fun environment committed to driving real growth
  • To contribute to exciting products used by a highly passionate customer base
  • Mentorship and professional development resources to help you refine your game
  • Generous vacation allowance to let you prevent work from eclipsing life
  • UK: Generous pension plan / US: 401K plan with company match
  • UK: Medical and Dental / US: Attractive health insurance premiums
  • 10% time (that day a fortnight, mentioned above)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

FanDuel is an equal opportunities employer. Diversity and inclusion in FanDuel means that we respect and value everyone as individuals. We don't tolerate bias, judgement or harassment. Our focus is on developing employees so that they reach their full potential.

The requirements listed in our job descriptions are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. You don’t have to satisfy every requirement or meet every qualification listed. If your skills are transferable and you are in the ballpark experience-wise, we'd love to speak to you!